1st Congressional District of Wisconsin

Southeastern Wisconsin – Rep. Bryan Steil (R)

“The 1st Congressional District before and after redistricting has favored Republicans, though in 2008 the district voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by 51.40% to 47.45%.  That would suggest some degree of competitiveness prior to redistricting, but the 2008 presidential election was unusually favorable for Democrats and the district remained solidly Republican in the congressional district race that same year, with Paul Ryan winning 63.97% of the district’s vote in 2008.  After new maps were drawn, in 2012 the district voted for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 52.12% to 47.88%.

“The boundaries of the district remained fairly similar after redistricting but more parts of Waukesha County, a Republican stronghold, were added to help keep the district favorable to Republicans.  In the most recent 2020 election, Republican U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil won the district with 59.3% of the vote.”

-Jonah Ralston, associate professor of political science at UW-Whitewater