Annual Financial Reports

2019 Profit and Loss Statement

Jan – Dec.
Ordinary Income/Expense
Individual Contributions10,796.96
Business Contributions1,375.00
Total Income12,171.96
Gross Profit12,171.96
Office Expense356.75
Bank & CC Fees419.57
Business Expenses10.00
Contract Services4,471.28
Internet / Web Services280.00
Meeting Expenses94.38
Memberships and Dues517.00
Programming Costs/Expense187.87
Program Supplies472.62
Sponsorship Charge914.17
Total Expense7,880.13
Net Ordinary Income4,291.83
Net Income4,291.83
Beginning cash1,978.00
Jan thru Dec 20194,291.83
Ending cash6,269.83

2018 Profit and Loss Statement

Ordinary Income/Expense


Individual Contributions 6,614.19
Sponsorship Income 2.47
Total Income 6,616.66
Gross Profit 6,616.66


Office Expense 25.85
Bank & CC Fees 150.10
Contract Services 365.50
Fundraising Other Expenses 273.10
Payroll 159.33
Programming Costs/Expense 335.36
Program Supplies 2,800.70
Sponsorship Charge 528.90
Total Expense 4,638.84

Net Ordinary Income 1,977.82
Net Income 1,977.82

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