2nd Congressional District of Wisconsin

Madison, Dane County and surroundings – U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D)

In regards to political makeup, “the 2nd Congressional District didn’t change much from the 2001 redistricting to the 2011 map.  According to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, the 2nd District went from +15 Democratic in 2010 to +16 Democratic in 2012.  The Fair Vote analysis of redistricting also says it was more D by +1.

“For the 2nd District, the bigger change was in 2001 when (former U.S. Rep.) Paul Ryan (1st Congressional District) and (then-U.S. Rep.) Tammy Baldwin (2nd Congressional District) both had their districts made safer for them.”

-David Canon, professor of American politics at the UW-Madison