The top donors (so far) to Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz, left-wing candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Herb Kohl, Lynde Uihlein, Karla Jurvetson and several members of the Milwaukee-area Lubar family have all given the maximum.

Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz, a left-wing candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court.


So far, Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz is blowing away the other three candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court when it comes to fundraising.

Protasiewicz raised more than $900,000 in 2022, giving her a huge headstart. The two right-wing candidates didn’t even announce their campaigns until late in 2022.

Protasiewicz reported raising at least another $900,000 in so far 2023.

By comparison, two of the three other candidates reported no fundraising in 2022. Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, one of the two right-wing candidates in the race, reported raising more than $400,000 so far in 2023. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly, the other right-wing candidate in the race, reported raising more than $100,000 so far in 2023. Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell, the other left-wing candidate in the race, has reported raising more than $70,000 in 2023 so far.

The candidates continue to raise funds, so these figures are rapidly growing.

Protasiewicz has received $20,000 — the maximum allowed by law — from several individuals including former U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, as well as Schlitz-heir and major Democratic donor Lynde Uihlein of Milwaukee. Several members of the wealthy Milwaukee-based Lubar family have made the maximum donation as well, as has the major national Democratic donor Karla Jurvetson from California.

The primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 21 will cut the four candidates down to a final two, who will advance to the general in April.

Experts expect the election to be extremely expensive and run in the tens of millions of dollars. While state law limits what people and political action committees can donate directly to candidates, individuals can donate unlimited amounts to groups like Super PACs, which can spend unlimited amounts in attacking and supporting candidates in broadcast and online advertisements, as long as they don’t coordinate with the candidates.

Below is a list of top donors to Protasiewicz’s campaign.

Burns, Timothy W.$20,000ATTORNEYMiddletonWisconsin
Connell, William$20,000RETIREDLake
Flessas, Julie$20,000ATTORNEYMequonWisconsin
Haselow, Justine$20,000RETIREDEdinaMinnesota
Haselow, Robert$20,000MD, PRESIDENTEdinaMinnesota
Jurvetson, Karla$20,000PHYSICIANLos AltosCalifornia
Lainer, Lee$20,000RETIREDLos AngelesCalifornia
Lainer, Luis$20,000RETIREDLos AngelesCalifornia
Lubar, Madeleine$20,000COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERMilwaukeeWisconsin
Lubar, Marianne$20,000HOMEMAKERRiver HillsWisconsin
Lubar, Sheldon$20,000CHAIRMANRiver HillsWisconsin
Lubar, Susan$20,000presidentWisconsin
Messinger, Alida$20,000COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERAftonMinnesota
Rolfs, Pamela$20,000ATTORNEYMiddletonWisconsin
Stryker, Pat$20,000PHILANTHROPISTFort CollinsColorado
Kohl, Herb$20,000philanthropistMilwaukeeWisconsin
Pigott, Gaye$20,000homemakerSeattleWashington
Simons, Elizabeth$20,000retiredAthertonCalifornia
Eychaner, Fred$20,000philanthropistChicagoIllinois
Heising, Mark
Uihlein, Lynde$20,000investorMilwaukeeWisconsin
Flessas, Julie$20,000attorneyMequonWisconsin
Beck, Andrew$19,000not employedCutchogueNew York
WI PEOPLE Conference$18,000MadisonWisconsin
WI Laborers District Council$18,000DeForestWisconsin
Operating Engineers 139 PAC$18,000PewaukeeWisconsin
American Federation of Teachers #212$18,000CudahyWisconsin
Lubar, Joan$17,000not employedMilwaukeeWisconsin
Bonderman, Cale$15,000investorFort WorthTexas
Bonderman, Django$15,000partnerFort WorthTexas
Lubar, David J$15,000president & CEOMilwaukeeWisconsin
Sobczak, Leonard J.$12,033retiredMilwaukeeWisconsin
Page, Gloria$11,452not employedLos AltosCalifornia
Witty, Joanne$10,000lawyer/civic volunteerBedford HillsNew York
Solomon, Tracy$10,000Not employedSan RafaelCalifornia
Howkins, Mary Ann$10,000PsychotherapistNew YorkNew York
Duker, Marilynn$10,000CEOPikesvilleMaryland
Beam, Jack$10,000lawyerChicagoIllinois
Katz, Donald B.$10,000retiredMadisonWisconsin
Bernstein, John$10,000sound producerGuilfordVermont
Conroy, Sheila$10,000attorneyMadisonWisconsin
Frederick, David$10,000attorneyWashingtonD.C.
Lynn, Sophia$10,000executive directorMcLeanVirginia
IBEW Local 494 PAC$9,000MilwaukeeWisconsin
Democratic Party of Wisconsin$7,550MadisonWisconsin
Neubauer, Jeffrey S.$7,000executive directorRacineWisconsin
Thomsen, Mark L.$6,000attorneyMilwaukeeWisconsin
Tabak, Fred N.$5,100attorneyGlendaleWisconsin
Daniel, Ralph$5,000PsychologistSan RafaelCalifornia
Wallace, Sondra$5,000not employedThomastonMaine
Rabin, Nancy Kohn$5,000not employedBaltimoreMaryland
Krieger, Betsy$5,000not employedBaltimoreMaryland
Halstead, Cathy$5,000philanthropistSeattleWashington
Brutoco Young, Sheila$5,000real estate manager & investorHillsboroughCalifornia
Boothe, Barry$5,000not employedSan FranciscoCalifornia
Chambers, Merle$5,000retiredDenverColorado
Citizens for Spencer Black (candidate committee$5,000MadisonWisconsin
Sensenbrenner, Joe$5,000not employedMadisonWisconsin
Milliken, Weston$5,000managerWest HollywoodCalifornia
Ott, Marlene$5,000not employedGreendaleWisconsin
Ream, Edward$5,000not employedMadisonWisconsin
Grunau, Joanne$5,000retiredMilwaukeeWisconsin
Flynn, Matthew J.$5,000retiredMilwaukeeWisconsin
Bablitch, Stephen$5,000retiredMilwaukeeWisconsin
Kelch, Elaine$5,000retiredMilwaukeeWisconsin
Johnston, Robert$4,000venture capitalistRenoNevada
Statz, David$3,500not employedBarabooWisconsin
Syms, Marcy$3,000not employedBedford HillsNew York
Nerode, Nathanael$3,000investment adviceIthacaWisconsin
Symchych, Christine$2,500Not employedFox PointWisconsin
Henry, John$2,500Not employedNew YorkNew York

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