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The Badger Project receives $10,000 in grants from two organizations

The Evjue Foundation and La Crosse Community Foundation each awarded $5,000 for investigative journalism.

BY NATHAN DENZIN, The Badger Project

The Badger Project received a total of $10,000 in grants from the Evjue Foundation and the La Crosse Community Foundation. 

The Badger Project was awarded a $5,000 mini-grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation’s community giving fund in February to do investigative journalism in that area. The Evjue Foundation in Madison also approved a $5,000 grant for The Badger Project back in November to support investigative journalism in rural Dane County communities.

The La Crosse Community Foundation is a charitable organization funded through individuals who provide grants to nonprofits that meet the local communities needs.

The Evjue Foundation grants are made possible by the late William T. Evjue, founder of The Capital Times. Grants are distributed to worthy educational, cultural and charitable organizations in the newspaper’s circulation area.

The Badger Project is a nonpartisan, citizen-supported journalism nonprofit in Wisconsin that investigates government, politics and related matters. It partners with local newspapers and other news organizations in Wisconsin to publish its stories and get its work to the people it affects most.

The Badger Project is under the umbrella of fiscal agent The Center for Community Stewardship in Madison, and has its nonprofit status through that organization.

The Badger Project is a nonpartisan, citizen-supported journalism nonprofit in Wisconsin.

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