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Car dealerships in Wisconsin with suspended or revoked licenses

A photo of a used car dealership.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation oversees and regulates used car dealerships in the state. Occasionally it revokes a dealership’s license or suspends it for a short period of time in response to violations.

Hina Suzuki of The Badger Project built this interactive map to show consumers which car dealerships in the state have had their licenses suspended or revoked in the past year, and the reason for the punishment.

Click the pins on the map to learn more about the violations attributed to each dealership.

The Badger Project is a nonpartisan, citizen-supported journalism nonprofit in Wisconsin.

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  1. Most of these dealers would be out of business if the people in our government in Madison would pass Assembly Bill 581.
    Wisconsin has very little laws for auto dealers. Most of these listed are ” Dealer Mills “. Some have 100’s to 1000’s at the same address. Most other states want Wisconsin to shut this down, the other states already have.
    Law Enforcement and legal services are a regular visit to the ” Dealer Mills “

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